Saturday, December 05, 2009

Holy Cow, India!

It's time for our annual holiday again. Remember last year we considered OMGESSEN!, but didn't get ourselves organised and ended up in WTFCAIRNS? instead. This year we've planned for months to go to HOLYCOWINDIA! and we're leaving tonight. It's very exciting and somewhat stressful - I don't remember ever going away from home for this long before.

The plan is to do some of the standard tourist stuff, e.g. the Taj Mahal and Jaipur just to mention two games (but not Bombay), but also to meet Scrabblette's family which is spread all over the country. It seems that in India, like Australia, places that are near each other are still quite far away, and we'll be spending lots of time travelling. That's good, I want to see what the countryside is like. Very very different to Australia, I think.

The nephews and nieces know that I'm the board game guy, so we're taking over a load of games that have been retired from my collection. I would take more but we're limited in the baggage we can carry. We're also taking Trivirsity to play ourselves - it's easy to carry, plays quickly, and all three of us can play.

My dog knows something is going on, but she doesn't know whether she's involved or not. She suspects not, or else she'd be dancing around the house getting in the way. In fact Miss Jane will be coming to stay with her, which will be fun for both of them. At least Miss Jane will know that we're coming back one day.

My stats program will be at the mercy of the elements. It's too complex to leave notes for Miss Jane on how to deal with IP address changes and hardware restarts. If your stats stop being generated, I'm sorry they'll have to wait till the New Year. I do hope to record a few plays myself while I'm away, so I'll be as interested as anybody.

Merry Christmas, Happy New Year, and good gaming until then.