Sunday, October 07, 2007

Am I Getting Any Better at Scrabble?

I've been playing Scrabble on-line using the Scrabulous Facebook application, and Scrabble will become my most-played game for the year. I'd like to think I'm playing better even though I'm regularly losing to Scrabblette and Ashfallen, who are both very fine players. My scores for completed 2 player games on Facebook are: 382, 295, 304, 360, 389, 339, 336, 316, 289, 343 which is an average of 335.

My scores at Scrabble club last year were: 353, 367, 309, 435, 344, 381, 299, 358, 316, 236 which is an average of 340. Well that's a bit depressing. I'm finding fewer bingos at the moment, and that makes a big difference to scores. I hope it's just a run of bad luck.

Postscript: in the 10 Scrabble club games I made 8 bingos. In the 10 Scrabulous games I made 6 bingos. That more than accounts for the difference in scores.

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prude said...

I thinks the scores is speaking for themselves.