Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Pelican Sheep Station

Scrabblette and I spent the last week at Pelican Sheep Station near Goulburn, New South Wales. As even Australians don't know where Goulburn is, it's near Canberra. Goulburn is quite a decent little town - secondhand book stores, internet cafe, all the mod cons. Unlike Canberra.

I clocked up 69 plays while we were there - many children's games and party games, but also a decent number of capital games. I was badly beaten at Goa, Attika, Rheinlander and St Petersburg, but won at Alexandros, On the Underground, Through the Desert, and Unpublished Prototype. In addition I played Crokinole for the first time, and for the fifth time, and with any luck my board will arrive home with CyberKev.

My favourite new game was Crokinole, my favourite old game was Alexandros, my least favourite new game was Dungeon Twister and my least favourite old game was Balloon Cup.

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Iain said...

Not to blow the gaffe or anything, but cyberkev definitely has your crokinole board (it's propped up in our spare room at the moment.)

Of course, should anything happen to Kevin on the cruise tonight...