Saturday, March 22, 2008

Stupid BGG Image Mod

We're sorry that we couldn't use the recent image that you uploaded to BGG related to 'Alexander - the Card Game', and it was removed it from the system.

Reason: The image was too similar to another image already in the database.
Reason: The image was badly cropped or not rotated.
Reason: The image was sideways or upside down.
Reason: The image was irrelevant to the subject.

Comments (optional):
Poor quality cards

Poor quality cards? It's a print and play game... There are no images of this game in play in the system, unless they accept the other one I submitted. Irrelevant? Please, you're just being stupid. Honestly, these people are fucking simian.

1 comment:

Steerpike said...

I've lost count of the retarded comments that I get from the moderators.

My biggest gripe is that they all seem so humourless.