Thursday, April 03, 2008

Help Me Get Rid Of These Games!

I posted a geeklist of most of the games I'm trying to find better homes for this year:


Melissa said...

About the only one there that I am interested in is Colosseum, and it looks like someone else may have called dibs on it. Also, I have nothing to trade except cold hard cash.

And maybe some ULTRA LIMITED EDITION pink animeeples. Maybe.

Anonymous said...

Hi John,

Interested in Colosseum, Arena Maximus or Carribean.
I see you're after a copy of Scotland Yard - I have a pretty tatty (but complete) op-shop score of the MB version you're welcome to. I mean, you wouldn't put it on display in a gallery but if you just want the play experience....

Friendless said...

Stewart Woods, who are you on BGG and what country do you live in?

I got a bit distracted from this quest by the melanoma thing!