Sunday, May 18, 2008

Math Trade Shipping

I volunteered to coordinate shipping of games from Brisbane in the Australian Math Trade. Ozvortex came to visit this afternoon and we packed a few of the boxes.

Games Coming From blacksoilbill

Games Coming from hvddrift

Games Coming From Mikey and jwalduck

Games Coming from Friendless

Games Going To Albury

Games Going to Sydney

Games Going To Adelaide

The Parcel for Albury

I posted this on Monday morning.

The Small Parcel for Sydney

The Big Parcel for Sydney

Ozvortex and The Kid Design a Special Box For Adelaide

Oh I Wish

Almost Everything for Melbourne


mikey said...

Thanks heaps Friendless, this was very generous.

mikey said...

Might I assume from your "recently played" column on the right that, despite your disparaging comments about the ameritrash nature of some of my games, you brought yourself to play Tannhauser?

Was it the beautiful bits? The pre-painted minis? The deep yearning for combat? Or, more likely, did the kid badger you into it?

Anyway, the game sucks.

Friendless said...

It was totally the kid badgering me. He found the game on the table and demanded that I buy it... so I settled for playing it with him. I agree with him, the art is very cool, and he LOVES the weapons. The pathfinder system is neat, but the combat system totally sucks. If I acquire a copy in trade I think I'll replace the combat system with something either less sucky or simpler, maybe just use some HeroScape dice or something.