Tuesday, July 08, 2008

People I Gamed With at GenCon

For me, one of the highlights of a con is getting to game with lots of people. GenCon was certainly a success in that regard. CyberKev often points out that we could do just as much gaming at his house, and that would be for free, but would CyberKev remember to invite all of these people? And would they all come? And would they all fit?

  • BGG user names: Harley22, jacko_p, elphiecoyle, cyberkev63, Tyndal, BladeMaster777, pryllin, Pateke, mikey, OzGamer, thunderbirdsix, Peter Hawes, Gecko3D, jwalduck, arnoldrimmer, mickeyjames, Ozvortex, John Reid, smee62
  • From QGG: Vanessa
  • From LXG: Graham, Sonny, Rebecca, Claire, Nigel
  • From Critical Mass: Miss Jane, Anna,
  • From QUGS: Darryl, Julie
  • From Canberra EuroGamesFest: Jenny, Phillip, Eric
  • Scott the on-line Carcassonne guy
  • Mikey's friend Nick (is he on BGG?)
  • Some guy who played Guillotine and I never got his name
  • Dave and Steve who played Puerto Rico
  • Bertie's friend Craig
  • James who played Nerd Trivia
  • OzGamer's friends Mark and Nick
  • mickeyjames's friend Aaron
  • Jim and his son Aidan / Adrian
  • Three random people who played Dancing Eggs
That's 46 different people. What a social butterfly I am!

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