Saturday, August 30, 2008

Where The Fuck Is Agricola?!

I preordered Agricola in December, and it still hasn't turned up. Frankly, I've got the shits with everyone involved in the process, and I certainly won't be preordering from Z-Man ever again. I've held my tongue about this for a long time but it hasn't helped. This has been an absolute cock-up. I also have no interest in dealing with Lookout Games in the future after Hanno's hysterical outburst on BGG.

It'll probably be here on Monday, now that I've blown my stack.


mikey said...

Ahh, now this is why I come here! Loved the innuendo of previous post (although bitches of any nature are unlikely to love ASL), and now some genuine stack blowing !

Keep up the good work!

Dean P Thomas said...

It's a little frustrating. I've not had a great time with pre-orders lately, first Hannibal: Rome vs Carthage and now Agricola.

Merric said...

That's really, really frustrating... I have my copy from MilSims, so I hope yours turns up soon.


Stan said...

yup.. its very frustrating and you must notify that...Friends&Neighbors