Monday, January 30, 2006

Games to Play This Year

Related to the topic of buying fewer games, or at the very least getting better value for money from the games that you do buy, is the Pledge. There are certain games which for various reasons I have decided I must play this year.

Traders of Genoa - I own this, and have only played a 2 player games with the kid. That was unsatisfying, so I want to play it properly this year.

A Game of Thrones - I've read the books (except the latest, but that's a different story, heh heh), so there are no spoilers in the game for me. Now I'd like to see how it plays.

Goa - I also own this, having known where I could get a copy just when I heard it was going out of print. The theme really interests me. I have only played once, with the kid again being my opponent. Also, he beat me.

Pick Picknic - At the beginning of last year I asked several games stores in Australia whether they could get in a game called Hick Hack im Gackelwack. How naive I was back then! I now know that no store in Australia carries it, and few could even be bothered listening to the question. By the end of the year I bought a copy from Boards and Bits, and gave it to my nephew for Christmas. We played it a week or so ago, so this is the first must-play which I have actually satisfied. It's a very good game.

Louis XIV - My game buddy Critical Mass has this game, I would like to get a chance to play it with him. He also has Tikal, which I liked a lot the one time I played it.

Puerto Rico - Shamefully, I have not played Puerto Rico face to face. I think my education as a gamer demands it. Critical Mass also has this one, but so do some of the QUGS guys.

Illuminati - I have the deluxe edition. I played this game with some guys I met on a long distance train trip 20 years ago. It seemed like a pretty interesting game, so when I got into the hobby I decided I had to have this one. OK, it doesn't look so good any more. But my copy has never been played, and I want to fix that.

Torres - I got this for Christmas, but I hadn't researched it so well. I didn't realise it was almost as difficult as Tikal. The difficulty means that my wife won't play it, and my kid will be distracted once he realises that there's multiplication in it. I will have to bring it out at a game group. However, this Friday night, I need to play Reef Encounter before it has to go home again.

Honor of the Samurai - Another game I received as a Christmas gift when there was an FLGS that was actually local. I've had it 3 years and never completed a game, because the people I have chosen to play with weren't really that interested. Ever notice how some people aren't good at games because they like to attract attention to themselves, rather than submit to the order of the game? Yeah, I chose some of those people. I'm wiser now. Anyway, I need to play it.

Medici - The guys at one monthly game meeting play this fairly regularly. Nobody ever speaks ill of it. Must get me some of that.

Ra - Another legendary game that I need to play for my own education.

Princes of Florence - One of the top-ranked games on BGG, so I would like to know what it's about.

Attika - Always looked cool to me. The guys at QGG played this once, so I might try to arrange it with them.

6 Nimmt! - It's cheap, and as the title means nothing to me, I'll have to play it to be able to guess what it's about.

Tichu - Well, 1000 Derk Solkos can't be wrong. My wife likes card games, and we have been playing Gang of Four (with 3 players). I figure Tichu is something she'd be interested in.

Geschenkt - Apparently a filler that makes a lot of people's five and dime lists. What is so good about it?

Backgammon - My wife also likes backgammon, but last time we played I lost due to lucky dice several times in a row. I reckon I'm calm enough to face it again.

Scrabble - A favourite of mine, but it's hard to find an opponent who wants to take it seriously. I know my baby sister has a copy, but whether she'll sit down long enough to play is another matter.

What if I don't fulfil this pledge? Well, I guess I'll just make another pledge next year...


Fraser said...

Shouldn't this blog have been a GeekList (or maybe it already is, I should go check...)

Traders of Genoa
On our list too, we got it out once and set it up but then Daughter the Younger chucked a tantrum and it got packed away again.

A Game of Thrones I describe it as Diplomacy light or possibly Diplomacy with a touch of Risk

Goa - A vicious. vicious game two player, at least when your wife counts your money and uses it against you every single turn. I much prefer it four player where Melissa loses track of my money. Also one player doesn't have twice as many auctions as all the other players combined (i.e. the other player in two player).

Pick Picknic We found this at Mind Games Albury and played it a lot down at the beach. Daughter the Elder loves it. We think it is good too.

Louis XIV - Make sure you print out Melissa's player aid. Best with four, but playable down to two.

Puerto Rico So you know people with it, just play it. The alea two player variant is good too.

Illuminati - Good to get out occasionally :-)

Honor of the Samurai - Some friends of ours have this, we played it once a bit over a year ago. I'd like to try it again. The rules are not long, but not at all intuitive, after one game I was beginning to feel like I vaguely knew what I was doing.

Medici - We only have the evil Medici (non Reiner one)

Ra - "Another legendary game that I need to play for my own education." - Yes you do.

Princes of Florence I've only played it once, but want to play more.

Attika - It's quick, arrange a game with the QUGS guys.

6 Nimmt! - Played this for the first time on Friday. Is good.

Tichu On our unplayed games list.

Justin Walduck said...

I am currently reading A Game of Thrones and would be very interested in playing a game.

Friendless said...

Make sure you get to the end of book 3 at least before you play. Leister at Critical Mass has it, so when you're ready we should contact him and get him to bring it along.