Sunday, January 29, 2006

why can't anyone play Memoir '44?

I just got the Memoir '44 expansions last week, and I've been itching for a game. This weekend I've had the bits all over the lounge room trying to figure out the best way to store them all in minimum space. I set up a scenario with the Terrain Pack bits to take a photo for BGG, and this morning got the kid to play it with me. First few times we played Memoir (when he was 8) he won, and once he even beat me on both sides of one scenario. However he seems to have gone off, and all I have to do is wait till his infantry run out into the open, and then bring some firepower to bear on them, and hey presto there's another medal. Anyway, in this scenario (Nijmegen Bridges?) he was solidly fortified in towns and fortresses, and I had mostly tanks, which are pretty bad against towns and fortresses, so I was thinking hard about what I was going to do. But then his guys abandoned the fortresses and ran out in the open and I completely conquered the left flank. 6 medals to 1. All I ask is a decent game of Memoir... I have mentioned to him that that's probably not the best strategy, but he just doesn't seem to like the game so much any more. I couldn't even talk him into a winter scenario.

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