Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Big Hangover

The kid contemplates the glorious Melbourne weather from the hostel room.

The kid and I went down to Melbourne for ConVic 4 over the weekend. We left Brisbane Friday morning, got to the con with 4 minutes to spare after travelling all day. CyberKev was travelling with us, and it turns out that a family pass on the airport bus covers two adults and two children even if the adults are both men. That's perfectly fair but I deny any truth in the implications! So we gamed till 11pm Friday, got back to our accommodation at 12:30am and played Nacht der Magier in the dark. The next day we gamed from 10am till 11pm, got screwed by the train system on the way home and walked up Swanston St at midnight - there were more people there than in Brisbane in the middle of the day. The next morning we got screwed around by the incompetent fool of a desk jockey at Victoria Hall AND the train system, and were an hour late for gaming, so we only played from 11am till 9pm. Cyberkev had already left for the airport, so the kid and I went to the station and got screwed by the train system yet again, and ended up catching a cab back to the city. The next morning we were woken by Italian soccer fans beeping horns and shouting "Italia! Italia!" which allowed me to guess that something good had happened for them. Thus started the long trek back to Brisbane which only finished at 5pm when I completed picking up the dog from her holiday accommodation. So we're exhausted!

I will report on all the games we played, but I want to take some time to do that. I don't know when I will get that time, I think I have some on July 28. Seriously. Life is full on at the moment.

Edit: here are some photos from the event. Thanks Gerald.

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gerrod said...

One has to worry when a story titled "Big Hangover" starts with, "The kid and I"... how old is Harley now?