Friday, June 30, 2006

The Road to Recovery

Medium-term readers of this blog will remember the distressful day I posted the news that my wife had left me. I was in tears when I wrote that news, and have been many times since. Compared to many break-ups though, this one has been amicable and not particularly stressful. Friends regularly mention periods of years taken to overcome that sort of loss, and I can only think that I'm doing better than that. The important news is that my boy seems to be coping, and we share care of him, and I'm getting much better at looking after him. I mean, I always knew the important things like what games he liked, but who would've thought you had to feed children as well?

Here is a symptom of my recovery: in June I have logged more games played (78) than any other month except March (96). That suggests that my gaming life is well and truly back on track, though not at the level of the blissfully ignorant weeks before the break-up. That's 398 this year so far... man I coulda been on track for 1000 in a calendar year if... ah, no point worrying about that. I'll be back logging games of Lost Cities in no time.

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Jason Little said...

While the Road to Recovery is certain to be long and winding, I hope it's as clear and obstacle-free as possible as you travel along.

Gaming is awesome, and an enormous part of my life. It's difficult to let events spiral to the point of forcing an awkward perspective on the various things that are important to my life.