Friday, June 23, 2006


We had seven players at Cyberkev's house last night. Seven is the worst number for gaming (after one) because there are very few games that take seven, but the group is small enough that you don't really want to split into two groups. Besides, whenever we split Cyberkev and I end up being in separate groups and then I can't beat him.

But we had a go at seven player Werewolf - one moderator, one wolf, one seer, four villagers, werewolf kills on the first night. That means the first lynching is five players and the second is three players. With five players there is not really enough to go on, and with three players the game is on the line it's all very intense.

We played five games, but I will just tell you about two of them. In the first of them, I was the werewolf. On the first night I killed Mark for practically no reason whatsoever. Also he had been involved in the intense end of the previous game, and the killing might have been seen as revenge. I noted during the lynching debate that killing Mark made no sense whatsoever. It is somewhat traditional with this group to lynch Trevor simply because he's a bloodthirsty loose cannon, and that was where the villagers were looking. I spoke out in his defence though, because if I was a villager I would have thought he was innocent. We ended up hanging Justin instead, which was good because Justin is far too clever. The next night I killed Ann because she also was harmless - if I was after big noisy targets I would have taken Trevor or Kevin. That left me, Trevor and Kevin to do the final lynching. Kevin made a very convincing case that he wasn't a werewolf, but I told him I had to vote for him. I managed to convince Trevor to join me, and I won the game. It was very intense, doing my best to look like a good villager while lying through my teeth. (note to other players: did I get that story right?)

In the second last game, I was the seer, and came out during a lynching to protect someone I knew was innocent. Justin claimed that he was the seer, which of course told me he was the werewolf, and I grilled him and he couldn't handle the pressure and we got him. So then in the last game, when we woke up on the first morning and Cyberkev secretly winked at me, I guessed he was the seer and had confirmed I was a villager. We debated for a while, with Dave suggesting that either Cyberkev or I was the werewolf. I decided to take a gamble, and claimed that I was the seer, and that I had in fact checked Cyberkev out and he was innocent. The plan was that although I might be killed for being the seer, Cyberkev would have another chance to find the werewolf. Dave said "I'll buy that for a dollar!" so I knew then that he wasn't the werewolf. With three known innocents, we had to choose one of the others as the werewolf. I chose Ann, and managed to convince the guys to vote with me, and we killed the werewolf on the first lynching. Woohoo!

I really enjoyed that game. I got right into it and I was thinking the whole way through. Werewolf is often a negotiation game, and so isn't my style, but maybe I am getting to know these players well enough to be able to read them a bit. I'd actually like to play more until I have the balls to be able to claim to be the seer when I'm the werewolf, to see if I can pull off the ultimate bamboozle.


jwalduck said...

I believe I am getting an undeserved reputation as a "cunning" player. Not only do I not think I deserve the title but I am unsure exactly what I am doing that is being percieved as cunning. At the very least I am no more cunning than any of the other players in our group to whom I often lose.

Next time we are playing together point out what I'm doing...

Friendless said...

Of course, my mistake. I meant to write "Justin's a complete idiot who never presents a threat" :-). Actually you're right, I think I do worry about you more than other players who have done just as much to deserve it. RealmKeeper and Trevor deserve just as much victimisation as you, and sometimes I forget to give it to them.

mikey said...

One event that sticks in my mind as cunning is the time we all played werewolf at the BookRealm. You had both John and I sussed out from the start from a stolen glance that I can't even remember!

Of course you immediately died in the middle of an pool of your own blood, but the damage was done.