Tuesday, June 06, 2006

The Adventures of Harley

As the kid's name is Harley, I included a copy of The Adventures of Harley in a recent game order as a bit of a joke. It's a game for kids about 4 years old, and sadly that's the extent of it. It is a cooperative game, which should stretch the mind of a kid growing up with Snakes and Ladders or Sorry or something. And you have to make decisions. However for the kid and me, the decisions were trivial and we finished the game in a few minutes. I will have to find some 4yos to experiment on, but as the last one I had (my nephew, the Elsom Horror) has now turned 5 and was playing Bang! when he was 4, it might take a while. Hmm... Melissa and Fraser, how old is Otto?


Coldfoot said...

Didn't like Harley?

You must have been playing wrong.

It is so unlike Chutes and Ladders and every other kid game as to be remarkable.

Harley is a game that 3 year olds can understand, yet forces them to make strategic decisions. The game has just enough luck to keep the game interesting.

Must admit that the cooperative format didn't go over with my kids either. Even at 3 years old they wanted a winner an loser. After I modified the rules to allow for a winner and loser the game was much more popular.

Still, out of the box, I have not encountered the game that is better for 3-4 year olds.

Friendless said...

No, we like cooperative games. It's just that at 10 and 39 years old, we weren't really in the target audience.

Melissa said...

She's 3, John. She won't be at the next ConVic though - how long will you be down for? I will only be there on the Friday night due to other commitments.

Friendless said...

3, hmm... maybe a bit too young. But she is your daughter. Harley and I are arriving Friday afternoon and leaving Monday lunchtime.