Thursday, September 07, 2006

Did I Tell You I Wrote a Version of San Juan in Java?

At the beginning of last year my first proper game order was San Juan, Lost Cities and (by accident) Nobody But Us Chickens. All turned out to be great purchases. I liked San Juan a lot but my family wasn't so keen on it, so I didn't play it much. So I downloaded Mark Haberman's VB implementation and played it. But it had bugs, like the Aqueduct didn't work. I tried to fix it, but as a Linux user that just grossed me out, so I decided to rewrite it in Java. How hard could it be?

Well, it wasn't very hard, but it was very long. By the time I finished the code and the packaging and so on, I was well and truly sick of it. And some other people had written their own versions. Oh well. But here's my version, if you want to try it out. It does have the novel feature that it runs in Hungarian, Brazilian Portuguese, French and English, including different languages for each user if you like. Oh, and source code is included in case you want to do more work on it.


Ryan Walberg said...

Your version is still the best!

Mark Haberman said...

Yeah, but mine was first! :)

I spent 4 days on it, and got sick of it. So I stopped fixing the bugs. I commend you for sticking it through!

I have something new in the works though, hopefully it all pans out.