Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Not Crokinole

I was shopping in the Indian grocery store with Scrabblette on the weekend, and the most interesting thing I managed to find was a bottle of cherry-flavoured syrup. I'm not going to say why that was interesting to me because Scrabblette reads this blog. Anyway, Scrabblette shouts out to me and points excitedly at the Carrom boards that I've walked past in that shop a dozen times. Crokinole is more famous on the 'geek - 447 users owning as compared to 173 for Carrom, but I haven't been able to find a Crokinole board in Australia. So a Carrom board at my local Indian grocery store was a pretty good find. Even better, it was only $A90 - an absolute bargain for a game which is effectively a piece of furniture.

We took it home, bathed it in baby powder, and played a few games with my sister's family while Scrabblette cooked up an absolute feast. How did you celebrate Diwali?

I quite like the game, I hope we will play it a lot in years to come. The issue will be not so much getting it to the table as finding somewhere other than the table to put it. And cleaning up all the baby powder.

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