Wednesday, December 20, 2006

All Games can be Improved by the Addition of Special Powers

Well, so says CyberKev. Personally, I think special powers would ruin Nacht der Magier - whoever got the Anti-Gravity power would easily win. But I was thinking about special power cards and how they could be used in Werewolf. Of course each special power card could have different powers for the different roles, and you only get to use the one you actually are. Here are my ideas (so far):
  • Persuasion (all roles): use this card once only. You get 2 votes in a lynching.
  • Far Sight (seer): if you identify a werewolf, you get to check another person straight away.
  • Clouded Moon (wolf): during the night, show this card to the moderator and swap your role card for a spare villager role. You are still a wolf but if you get lynched you will appear to be a villager.
  • Infectious (wolf): rather than killing during the night you may choose a villager to be infected and they become a werewolf.
  • Lucky (all roles): the first time the wolves or the villagers try to kill you you reveal this card and manage to survive.
  • Peeping Tom (villager): once during the night you may peep at the werewolves. If they catch you they kill you automatically.
OK, that's all the stupid ideas I have right now. Your contributions are welcome.

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Yehuda said...

All games become better as they tend towards Cosmic Encounter - Yehuda's Law.