Sunday, December 03, 2006

A Stupid Thing Happened

I was visiting sister and brother-in-law this evening, and BIL was busy working on the laptop so was unable to play DVONN with me. Sister volunteered to take his place - I think she's trying to overcome her aversion to thinking. Just as we agreed to play BIL observed that it was raining and it would be lovely to sit out on the back deck in the cool and listen to the rain (we're in the Souther Hemisphere here, remember). So we took DVONN out and set it up on the table on the deck.

So I explained the game and we placed our 49 pieces. Just then the wind picked up. BIL asked us to move down a bit so he could shelter from the rain. Then the wind picked up a little more. BIL suggested we move inside, but we'd just placed 47 pieces, we weren't going anywhere. Then the wind picked up some more, and the rain was being blown onto the DVONN board and BIL evacuated back inside. Hang on! Whose stupid idea was this anyway?

With BIL gone, we could lift the table cloth to protect the board from the rain. In a couple of minutes we were lifting the table cloth to protect ourselves from the rain. The table cloth was being blown onto the board dislodging pieces, and we were getting wet. Sister and I are nothing if not pig-headed, and we played on, sheltering behind the table cloth. Towards the end of the game though, the rain and wind died down a little, so we didn't get wet going back inside. And. she won. I think my mistake was to clear a large number of my pieces from the board leaving me with not enough stacks to work with.

In the rematch, I won handsomely. I think I understand why, but I'd like to play again to be sure. I like DVONN more every time I play it. Nevertheless, next time I play in the rain I think I'll choose ZERTZ.

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