Friday, January 05, 2007

Wish List Retrospective

In February last year I posted an article called Top of the Wish List about what games I was hoping to acquire. Here's what really happened:

I really did get: PitchCar (with the expansion), Arkham Horror, Saboteur, ZERTZ, Gobblet, Travel Blokus.

I no longer intend to get: Zombies!!! 4 - The End (I want Zombies 2e instead), For Sale (I'm tired of it), Fairy Tale (the kid wasn't interested).

I haven't yet got: Havoc: the Hundred Years War (exclusive to funagain, where I don't shop), History's Mysteries Card Game (can't find it).

The current top of my wish list is: 7 Runebound expansions, Ta YĆ¼, Maharaja: Palace Building in India, Waldschattenspiel, Taluva, Fiji, Portable Adventures: Lair of the Rat-King, Zombies!!! Second Edition, Skybridge, Urland, Taj Mahal, Memoir '44 - Pacific Theater, Hey! That's My Fish!, and the Doom expansion. I guess I won't end up getting all of those, but at the moment I can't choose which to leave out.


Melissa said...

John, Phil at Mind Games Albury has (or at least had) copies of Havoc. He is also expecting stock of Incan Gold very shortly.

Or did you not want to know that :)

Friendless said...

So you've maxed out your credit card and now you're after mine?! I will ask the kid whether he liked Havoc before I buy it. He played it at ConVic4 with Neil Thomson, Don Bone, etc, and came second. Sometimes that kid amazes me, but rarely when he's supposed to be getting ready for school. I don't know what Incan Gold is and at this very second the 'geek is down. Thanks for the pointer.

gmcnish said...

Havoc is also at Milsims, (I saw it in the display case, so it's not just a figment of the website).

Steve said...

Zombies. Always try to buy the new expansions.

I know the owners of the company, Twilight Creations, Inc. Todd and Kerry and good people and put out some fun games.

Dante's Inferno I enjoyed. Also got a playtest credit in the original When Darkness Comes. woot!

Always try to buy at least one of their games every Origins (which is when I drop by their booth to say hello)