Thursday, February 02, 2006

Top of the wish list

One long hot boring day this summer, I culled my wishlist fairly savagely. There were lots of games that sounded really good, but I'd just never got around to ordering them, making me wonder what the wish list was for if I didn't really want these games. Emerald, Aladdin's Dragons, and Duel of Ages, you'll need to prove yourselves to me before you make it back onto the list.

I've also made a couple of orders this year, clearing out large chunks of the wish list, i.e. those parts containing the Memoir '44 and Runebound expansions. Here's what's currently at the top, awaiting funding.

Zombies!!! 4: The End... - This is the one with the zombie dogs. The kid and I played Zombies!!! 1, 2 and 3 at BIG, and it was an alright game although it did go longer than I would choose to play for. Given that we can play those games with those guys, I promised the kid I'd get the one with the dogs.

Carabande - I really want this. I really want a couple of sets, so I can make a massive track and completely freak people out with the size of it. I also really want the expensive and rare expansion with the jump. I don't see even the base game available at many on-line retailers. I know it will be amazingly expensive to post, but that doesn't matter if I can't find it for sale!

Arkham Horror - I played this at QUGS one day, and it was quite good. Of course, I didn't need my own copy, as I'd have nobody to play with (maybe the kid, if the theme grabs him). Then I realised you can play it solitaire! Woohoo, playing with myself, my favourite type! (OK, technically I prefer to play with other people, but with solitaire games I don't have to organise anybody.) So it jumped straight to the top of the wish list.

For Sale - This is a great game, and I'd like to play it with the in-laws. Critical Mass has a copy, but I need to play it more often than I get to play it with him.

Fairy Tale - Not necessarily my sort of game, but I'd like to see how the kid goes with it. He's right into Dragonball Z, Pokemon, Yu-gi-oh, so I figure an anime card game might be something he'd like. As my primary opponent, it's important to have games he likes.

Havoc: The Hundred Years War - Mummy is a big fan of card games, and we have been playing Gang of Four in which the kid has learned about poker hands. Now poker itself is far too dull to play, but Havoc seems to be an interesting variation which Mummy might play with us. Also, the Hundred Years War is a segment of history which I never really followed, so if I play this game I will probably get more of a handle on it.

History's Mysteries Card Game - This is a Mike Fitzgerald (Mystery Rummy) game, so I must have it. The only ones I don't much want are the American ones - Bonnie and Clyde and Al Capone. Eventually I will probably get them too. I don't know where I can buy this game.

Saboteur - I have borrowed a copy of this for a couple of months, and it's a great game for probably 6-10 players. I have to give this one back sooner or later, so I'll get my own copy for those odd 6-10 player situations.

ZERTZ - I have committed to buying the entire Gipf Project because it is just so good. This rocketed to the top of the list because of Stephen Taverner's awesome strategy article. Sadly, last time I was at the FLGS they had every other one, so I had to buy GIPF instead. It's very good too.

Gobblet - When we were at the FLGS, the lady convinced the kid and I to have a game of Gobblet. I didn't want to like it, but I did. What is it with me and abstracts? A year ago I was sure I hated them, and then my most played game of last year was Ingenious. This is an abstract that the kid and the brother-in-law will probably both play (like TAMSK) so I added it to the list.

Travel Blokus - It occurred to me one day, what if I go on holiday/to the beach/shopping with my sister's family, and brother-in-law and I are trapped in some completely dull situation (e.g. waiting for fish and chips, everybody else watching Harry Potter on DVD) and we don't have a game??? Well, he wouldn't care, but that's my valuable gaming time he's wasting! What if he doesn't like Pico 2? In fear of this situation, I added Travel Blokus to the wishlist. In my dreams, even the kid would play it with me.

That's all the priority 1 games from the wish list. When I've got a spare couple of days, I'll write up the priority 2s...

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