Monday, February 06, 2006

Settlers of Brisbane

After contemplating the Brisbane gaming scene, I have decided to take a positive step. The problem is that there are lots of gamers in Brisbane, but the groups seem to be somewhat insular and don't cross-pollinate. Most people seem to be content to attend a meeting once a month and then complain that they don't game enough. However there are other groups out there, if you care to look. For the last year or so I've been attending meetings and meeting people, and I think I now know most of what's going on in Brisbane, and there are some great gaming opportunities out there. In order to spread the word, I've created the Settlers of Brisbane mailing list, a list aimed at bringing gaming opportunities to gamers. I'll put the link to the list's page in my sidebar, or if you're excited you can join directly from the form.

I've promoted the list to all the Brisbane games groups I can think of - BoardGameGeek, Critical Mass, LXG, QUGS, QGG, BIG, Scrabble clubs, Bridge, Go, Chess, an RPG club, miniatures players, and even Mensa. With any luck, the representatives of those clubs that I have mailed will spread the word to their membership, and everyone will see increased membership as a result. But if it gets me more people to play games with, I'll be happy anyway.


Shingo and Amelia said...

Wow.. this is soo exciting Friendless.. I don't know if you remember me, but I was back in Brisbane while we had our first daughter. In Israel right now, but we'll eventually be back in Brisbane, so looking forward to joining you for many gaming session!! my profile name is shingoi at BGG and you can see the games I own.

Friendless said...

I'm ready when you are! Keep in touch.