Thursday, February 16, 2006

Roll the Bloody Dice!

Time for a rant. One thing that completely gets up my nose is people who take a long time to roll dice. Especially if they sit there shaking them. What are they trying to do? Make them more random? Find just the right angle to throw them at to get a 6? Keep their fingers warm? Or just annoy the crap out of me? I especially hate dice cups, because they make extra noise and encourage extra shaking. All you gotta is pick the freakin' dice up and drop the bastards, they'll work fine! Now stop buggerising around and have your freaking turn before I stuff those bloody things up your freaking nose! Have I made myself clear?

But seriously, games get a bad enough rap with non-gamers for taking too long without time-wasting rituals with the dice. Just say you have 50 turns in a game, and spend 10 seconds rolling the dice each time. That's 500 seconds (8 minutes) you've wasted just rolling the dice. If there are 3 players who do that, like there might be in a family Monopoly game, that's 25 minutes. No wonder the game takes such a long time! Games take as long to play as the players choose to let them take. If you think games take too long to play, consider what you can do to speed them up. Like rolling the freaking dice!

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