Saturday, February 04, 2006

Can't Sleep, Must Game

Critical Mass happened last night, and we played a looong game of Reef Encounter. With the rules explanation, it went for 3 hours, and my head was well and truly wasted by the end of it. Also, some really bad decisions born of ignorance meant that for a lot of the time I could tell I was out of the running. So the kid and I got home after midnight, and I couldn't sleep, I guess my head was still placing polyps. About 2am I got up and had a snack. Then today I woke up at 7am for no good reason. Today is games at QUGS, so the kid and I have to leave fairly soon, even though I wish I could have more sleep. I'll probably play badly again and get my backside handed to me in a variety of other games. And the worst thing is, this happened exactly the same last month. Tonight might require drastic measures, starting with "B" and rhyming with "URBAN".

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