Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Also on order

Woohoo, payday! Monthly pays were introduced late last year, and have seriously disrupted by game buying abilities. Luckily, most of the impulse buying I could do at local shops got done then, and now I am left with a long list of items that I know I want and need to plan to purchase. Today was payday, and time for some shopping.

First stop was at Milsims, where I ordered Arkham Horror (with the intention of playing it solo, in general) and Frank's Zoo (with the intention of playing it with my family, as my wife likes card games). I considered Dogville, but I am not really clear whether Boulder is sending that on the slow boat from Colorado, so I didn't get it just yet. It may not be the sort of game you'd like, and maybe not even me, but we do have a very good dog and the kids (my kid, my niece, my nephew) are consequently into dogs, and I think they will enjoy it.

Next stop was to the FLGS, Presents of Mind at Paddington. The lady there is always very helpful, and doesn't mind my obscure questions. Have you got Zertz yet? Have you heard of Cannon? Do you ever sell Kahuna? How much for Railroad Tycoo... oh my goodness feel how much that weighs! Unlike many other games shops I have been to, they seem to be interested in their games and are interested in finding other games which sell. I could buy the same stuff cheaper on-line, but choose not to. Anyway, today's purchase was Pünct and Gobblet. When my kid and I were there last payday, we tried out Gobblet and decided we had to have it. I wanted Zertz instead of Punct, but as they still didn't have it I chose the member of the Gipf project that I knew least about and bought that. Other games they have that I am thinking of for next payday are Dvonn, Yinsh, Cathedral, and if they have it, Blokus Duo. I'll buy Blokus Duo and leave it in the car for those emergency situations where you need a game.

The other order that I am waiting for is C&C Ancients, which GMT kindly sent to me very slowly for a very low price. Hope the guys on the boat have put the stickers on for me.

Hmm, a month till next payday. It seems so far.

Edit: I forgot, I have Return of the Heroes on its way from Boulder Games as well. The kid likes Talisman, I like Runebound 2e, and RotH might be a mid-way point. In any case, it looks very very nice, and I like the idea of the quests.


Shingo and Amelia said...

Wow.. last time i was at presents of mind.. they didn't have any of the GIPF series... only usual carcasonne, settlers etc. Bought Sleuth though and have no regret :)

Friendless said...

Funatical Games is importing GIPF Project, so it is available in quite a few stores now. Whenever I see a games publisher whose games I like, I make sure to let John from Funatical know about them. If he can import them, we can have them.

Fraser said...

So have you played Frank's Zoo yet? It went down well with Daughter the Elder.

Friendless said...

I have played Frank's Zoo a couple of times, Cyberkev has a copy. It's a good game, but I am not a very good card counter and tend to make mistakes. I have been practising with Big Two on the Palm (like Tichu, apparently) because I need to get a sense for how to play a hand, what cards I can expect to win, and how to draw out the good cards. When I get my copy I reckon we will play the heck out of it. However against other gamers I would rather play something (a) with more board, and (b) where I am not so confused all the time.