Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Most Played Designers, by Minutes Played

In a recent post I calculated the designers who had the most plays recorded against them. Richard Garfield was #5 which I believed was because Magic was such a short game that people could play 10 times in a row, unlike Arkham Horror. So to get a different view on what designers are occupying people's time I changed my program to weight the games by BGG's playing time numbers. I also reincluded "unknown" and "uncredited" so we could see the effect of abstracts and Hasborg mass-produced games. As predicted Richard Garfield dropped down the list but not horribly. I think designers who have implementations of their games on BSW and so on are advantaged because on-line games play so much quicker than face-to-face slogs. I've also included some minor details of designers who are not well known to me.

Reiner Knizia, 739735
Wolfgang Kramer, 352650
(unknown), 304775
Alan R. Moon, 242920
Andreas Seyfarth, 230015
Klaus Teuber, 222845
Martin Wallace, 210795
Friedemann Friese, 175880
Klaus-Jürgen Wrede, 168630
Richard Garfield, 153865
Michael Kiesling, 145925
Dirk Henn, 131190
Kevin Wilson, 122955
Bruno Faidutti, 122015
Rüdiger Dorn, 117915
Michael Schacht, 116390
Richard Borg, 115420
William Attia, 103320
(Uncredited), 94899
Bruno Cathala, 90286 (Shadows Over Camelot, Cleopatra, Queen's Necklace)
Aaron Weissblum, 87290 (San Marco, 10 Days..., Cloud 9)
Serge Laget, 83760 (Shadows Over Camelot, Mystery of the Abbey)
Richard Ulrich, 76410
Stefan Dorra, 74265 (For Sale, Pick Picknic, Amazonas)
Richard Breese, 71980
Marcel-André Casasola Merkle, 66940 (Funny Friends, Taluva, Attika)
Christian T. Petersen, 60785 (Twilight Imperium)
Uwe Rosenberg, 59790
Corné van Moorsel, 59490 (Factory Fun, Street Soccer, O Zoo le Mio)
Sid Sackson, 58490
Frank Nestel, 58295
Glenn Drover, 58020 (Eagle Games)
Doris Matthëus, 57935
Leo Colovini, 57730
Craig Van Ness, 57525 (Heroscape, Star Wars: Epic Duels)
L. Scott Johnson, 56160 (Vampire: The Eternal Struggle)
Jeroen Doumen, 56030 (Roads and Boats, Antiquity, Indonesia)
Kris Burm, 54620
Rob Daviau, 51070 (Heroscape, Star Wars: Epic Duels)
Franz-Benno Delonge, 49025 (Manila, Fjords, TransEuropa)
Richard Launius, 48780 (Arkham Horror)
Bernd Brunnhofer, 48555
Michael Tummelhofer, 48555 (St Petersburg)
Jay Tummelson, 48555
Michael Bruinsma, 48555
Stephen Baker, 48465 (Heroscape, Battleball)
Urs Hostettler, 48405 (Tichu)
Joris Wiersinga, 47195 (Roads and Boats, Antiquity, Indonesia)
Philippe Keyaerts, 46090 (Evo, Vinci)
Dimitry Davidoff, 45630 (Werewolves of Miller's Hollow)

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