Sunday, July 29, 2007

Looking for a Home for Eva

This beautiful puppy is Eva. Scrabblette found her roaming the streets of Deagon one day in a particularly puppy-like suicidal fashion. She rescued her and we've tried to find the owner by:
  • leaflet dropping neighbouring streets
  • asking Deagon Vet
  • asking Boondall Vet
  • asking the RSPCA
  • asking the council
  • putting an ad in the local paper
  • putting an announcement over the radio
  • searching the internet for "lost dog Brisbane" which turned up one possibility but that dog has been found.
Eva is about 8 months old, house-trained, healthy, not speyed, not microchipped, not registered with the council. She gets on very well with my dog Sammy and always wants to play. Her only bad habit is chewing things which is why my house is now full of tennis ball pieces. If you'd like to adopt Eva, please email me ASAP because we have to move house soon and she'll have to go to the RSPCA before that. She's a lovely girl but one dog is enough for us.


Maria said...

Hey Friendless, there's now (on my "cheating on me" post) an offer for gaming suggestions - right up your alley - and a blogger whose admitted to being a sologamer. right up your alley I would have thought!

Either a sologamer or a severe case of MPD.

Maria said...

Re: Eva - I used to work in radio, and I got lost dog calls all the time. Some people get really frantic and it's great that you are actually attempting to contact the owners because many people would not have bothered. I remember a DJ saying "Many owners would sell themselves into prostitution to get their dog back!"

I can't adopt Eva myself (besides, I probably wouldn't go to Brisbane for a dog as I'm in Sydney) but I hope she finds a good home. Are there any puppy shelters who would take her if you can't find a home for her before you move?

Friendless said...

If we take her to the RSPCA they will desex her and find her a good home. People will fall in love with her because she has those big black eyes and is always friendly. Kinda like you, Maria :-).

Maria said...

I wish you the best with Eva - you seem to have done all you can with her.

Back to games - I am ready to play more this weekend - thanks for the suggestions. I'd call myself a Games Nerd if it weren't for that story about the whacko who took offence to that online - hey, I might be so whacked I might read that about me, get offended about me and mad at myself and do myself in!

Not sure what games are on the table this time but let's see.

Always like hearing about more Games - and roaming Games Paradise is lots of fun, though I still can't believe some games are so expensive. Really, Pictionary does not include that much equipment that you couldn't do yourself, (Pencils, Paper, etc) but it is as expensive or almost as a game of Monopoly - I can understand the creativity and all the pieces and stuff that's behind a Monopoly game.

Anyone know good ways to get gaming bargains, other than ebay or getting hand-me-downs, or buying discards from garage sales with half the pieces missing and someone says "Well you could always use a [insert object] for a [insert gaming piece]" Of course I don't mind supplying my own pad and pen if the "official" scoring notepad has run out, or even my own dice, if they are using a standard dice set, but apart from that I mean an intact game.

"Bargain games" "Gaming Deals" - is that a post/label on your blog?

Friendless said...

The best source of gaming deals would be Target, but of course they don't sell the good games. The good games are almost all imported from the U.S. and can't be had particularly cheap. will be the cheapest prices you can find for new games. Some people on boardgamegeek sell their secondhand games. I can recommend this guy: but I don't know much about those games he is selling (none are obvious buys for you). Many good games are produced in quantities of only a few thousand so there are no economies of scale. Pictionary has no right to be the price it is except that people pay it.

Maria said...

Thanks Friendless!

No, I'm not trying to buy Pictionary :)

I had a look in Borders as I have some Borders coupons with deals (20% off certain full priced items) but as they're not really a book store they've got a small range and don't renew it much, and that's disappointing.

Maybe if I'm lucky Tar-jay will have something I'm looking for. Otherwise, it's back to Games Paradise and paying $60 a pop for a game :(

Maria said...

I looked at Tarjay and it was hopeless. They just had Junior Pictionary and games linked to Toys like Barbie Doll Theme games. Sorry but none of those I wanted.

I also was outraged that I went to a gaming store in Chatswood today and I saw all these signs saying STOCKTAKE SALE and I went in and the games were NORMAL RRP prices - no discounts, no sales, no reductions. What deception!

Friendless said...

BTW, we took Eva to the RSPCA on Saturday. She was quite happy to go with the lady. We hope to hear back that she's found a nice family to live with.