Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Clusium, 225BC

Ozvortex came over this morning to play C&C Ancients, and we played Clusium, 225BC. This was in the time when the Romans were trying to subjugate the Gauls. For the first match, Ozvortex played the Gauls and I took the Romans.

This photo is of Aneroestes "the Wolf" and Concolitanus "the Merciless" planning their attack.

Concolitanus chases the Roman light infantry all the way across the board and eventually destroys him.

An unidentified Roman commander chases Aneroestes off his own side of the board (no banner for that).

Aneroestes seeks approval from Concolitanus for her role in a crushing victory.

Other than the photos, I don't want to talk about the match. I didn't make any clever moves, and hardly even any competent ones. I was thoroughly outplayed in the rematch as well, for a 12 banners to 5 loss.Ozvortex did a brilliant job of harrying my cavalry with his evasive light infantry, and I couldn't come up with an alternative plan. Well done to Ozvortex!

Ozvortex gives a very detailed account of the game on his blog.

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Ozvortex said...

Thanks for the great games, although I must say they certainly didn't feel like 'easy' wins for me.

Next up - the Battle of Colline Gate 82BC.