Monday, December 01, 2008

Oh Yeah! I Rock! 61!

Well, after a dismal failure yesterday (56) I've at last achieved my goal - a 60 point solitaire family game of Agricola. In fact, I got 61. It took every trick in the book and a touch of luck as well.

The touches of luck were:
  • sheep came out second, rather than 4th. When I started eating them I effectively got 2 bonus food, and was able to breed them as well.
  • family growth without room came out in round 12 rather than round 13.
The added tricks were:
  • use day laborer to get an extra clay (and an extra food) at just the right time.
  • defer plowing and sowing until the plow and sow action came out.
For the theorists out there, the order of the action cards was fences, sheep, sow, improvement, stone, renovations, family growth, vegetables, boars, stone, cattle, family growth, plow & sow, and renovations.

I'm going to stop playing the family game solitaire now, and start playing with the occupations and minor improvements. I hope to be a bit more relaxed about it, instead of planning every game turn by turn before I play it.

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