Thursday, January 01, 2009

The Numbers are in for 2008

Well, 2008 has ended (for me) and my final games played stats have been generated. I referred back to this article many times during the year, so I've decided to do it again this year.

There are 400 games in this collection. The BGG average rating for this collection is 6.58.

Your average rating for this collection is 6.90.

On average you have played each of these games 6.17 times.

Your Friendless metric is 1 (77 games played 10+ times, 41 games never played)

Your continuous Friendless metric is 3.19 which corresponds to an average utilisation of 52.06%

Compared to the old image, we can see a few things. I had 359 games then, I have 400 now. I've traded away at least 30 during the year, so I acquired about 70 (that's lower than previous years!). Despite that, my utilisation has increased from 47.33% to 52.06%. It was higher a month or so ago, but the Maths Trade in November and the arrival of new Gigamic titles at the FLGS caused a late drop. My ambition for the year was to raise that number to 55%.

My other ambition was to decrease my number of games played 0 times to 25, and my number of games played once to 40, and that didn't happen either. I really tried! I gave games to Lifeline, I gave games to friends and family, I brought out loads of obscure unpopular titles and forced them on people. I'll readopt that ambition for this year as well - I still may not succeed, but it does keep me thinking about what to do with that dirty little corner of the collection. And of course I expect to acquire fewer new games this year, which should make life easier.

Over the last year my average rating for games I've played has increased - this can be seen by inspection of that column in the Plays By Month table on my stats page. That's a good trend, and suggests that I'm doing something right. I don't have a clear idea of what else I can do at the moment... other than turning Scrabblette into a game slave. Now THAT's an idea.

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