Wednesday, December 12, 2007

New Year's Ambitions... Planning Ahead

Having achieved this year's ambition of getting my Friendless metric up to 1, I've been thinking about what to aim for next year. The ultimate goal of course is to have a game collection that I'm happy with, that fits in my house, and that I enjoy playing, but I really think to achieve that it has to be consciously managed. So, my ambition for next year is to halve the number of games I own that I've played 0 or 1 times.

That can be either by playing them or by dumping them - either way is fine! As I have leave now and not at the beginning of next year I'm making the resolutions now. So the resolution is to decrease my zero plays to 25 and my single plays to 40. Also, I plan to continue to increase my utilisation to at least 55% (currently 47.33%), but that should happen anyway if I achieve the first part.

Yes, gaming by metrics is silly. The art is in designing metrics that encourage good behaviour.


Maria said...

So what are you doing now, frantically playing or frantically giving away? And do you do jumble sales or charity sell-aways? What's your preferred method?

Friendless said...

All of the above. I'll probably give some to my sister's kids, some to Scrabblette for her family, some to Lifeline, and I hope to trade some. Does anything take your fancy there?