Saturday, December 01, 2007

The Big Magnus Spiele Order, Part 2

OK, so this news is really out of date. I have more things to say than motivation to say them. But here's photos of part 2 of the order from Magnus Spiele which arrived in September.

Of those games I've since played Tsuro many times - I recommend it as a light many player abstract; Fragile is an interesting puzzle; Cartagena II is an interesting change from the original but I haven't got a good translation of the rules; Akaba was fun with my nephew; and Drachenei & Zauberschwert was OK. I'm still to get my head around the rules of Verrater.


Maria said...


This reminds me of when my parents told me I would have to buy a new house just for my books and stuff, and then move out myself and live in the yard - have you ever thought the same about your games?

Friendless said...

They weren't all for me. Our house is full of games, books, DVD and CDs. It's quite insane. Scrabblette first mentioned an extension for the library about a week after we moved in.