Monday, December 24, 2007

Recent Scrabble Scores

Hoo boy have I been playing a lot of Scrabulous recently! I've been on leave and have had enthusiastic opponents. I don't know whether it's because of what I learnt from Joe Edley's book, but I've been making a lot more bingos and some poor opponents have been hit with 2 or 3 a game. In one game I got 3 of them and my opponent got 2. My scores from the last 15 games: 309, 398, 393, 374, 373, 394, 462, 321, 409, 359, 451, 289, 334, 343, 377. That's an average of 372, which is about what I reported in November. I've been working on learning the 3 letter words, but there's lots of weird ones in there. FUB FUD FUG FUM.


Maria said...


Played a couple of games with Mr Coffee recently, got in a couple of bingoes in the last time and yes, I agree, there's some weird and wacky words out there.

I didn't know MAW and YAW were in sowpods!

Friendless said...

MAW and YAW are common enough to slip into conversation. If I ever find out what a VAV is I still probably shouldn't say it.

Maria said...

Hi Friendless,

Just thought I'd report we played a few games on Christmas Day as a bit of congenial warming up, in teams as there were so many people around and we wanted to start convo by having more people around rather than divide people.

Mr Coffee and I started behind, and my cousin and his fiancee got a very good QUIZ on a triple with a double "Q" early on in the game, surging into the lead. However, Mr Coffee and I were victorious in the end with an unexpected bingo that ended the game.

Teamwork can be difficult in Scrabble, deciding on strategy and so on. As there were four teams, scores weren't so high per team but we won by a good 80 points or so.


P.S. I didn't saw Maw or YAW all night, though "more" and "your" were in conversation enough.

Maria said...

I also played a word game called "Jitters" Another hard one to play in a team! Lots of sreaming at team-mates went on, especially as we had only just read instructions and no team was given time to consult with members to discuss game plan strategy.

Friendless said...

Does Jitters have a really annoying timer like Scattergories?