Sunday, December 02, 2007

It's a Very Nice Box

In case you haven't caught on yet, I've spent this weekend catching up on writing the blog posts I've been storing in my head for months. This one is a curious story about a nice box.

A parcel arrived in the mail. I thought it must be Santorini which I'd been waiting on for ages. No, it was from GMT. So it must be the new C&C Ancients expansion. I was surprised, because they'd only just charged for it. But, WOOHOO! So I opened the box and found... the Great War In Europe.

Huh? Not a game I had ordered, and not a game I would order. And even worse... the box was empty. It was JUST a box. Double huh?

So I emailed GMT and said thank you it's a lovely box but why did you send it to me and did I pay for it? The quick response was no, sorry, we sent it to the wrong customer. Luckily, I get to keep the box.

Looking at it, the game might not be so bad if I was the sort of person who had a friend who was into that sort of thing and we could sit still for hours doing it. We'd pretty much have to drink beer the whole time. Or bourbon. That could work. If you're that sort of person, get some bourbon and invite me around. I'll bring my box.

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Merric said...

That's an extremely nice box. I'm feeling very amused by your story of the box at the moment, which means my day now all seems worthwhile. At least until I proofread this next report.

Thanks muchly for sharing your box with us!