Monday, March 05, 2007

The Adventures of Longfellow Jumbles

Mr Jumbles is the NPC leader of the band of adventurers in our D&D campaign. He's a hobbit snake oil salesman. Here is his blog.

We've played two sessions now, though the first was just rolling up characters. Tonight we started with the first real adventure - a fairly standard dungeon exploration. Of course, with the kid's hyperactive character and Scrabblette's mysterious one, nothing is really very standard.


prude said...

Hey! Mr Jumbles is the custodian of MY BLOG.


That pic you have there is obviously of a fake. He even look ridiculous, not at all dignified like the real Mr Jumbles.

This is repellant. Please, no more.

Friendless said...

Yes prude, I admit that Longfellow Jumbles is fictional, not real like your Mr Jumbles. However I think you need to spend more time with Hamburger Boy and less time being a Blog Cop. BTW, I'm sure I saw the real Mr Jumbles down at the Cross the other night. On a float.