Sunday, September 23, 2007

The Big Magnus Spiele Order

Following my series of articles earlier this year (last year?) "They Have Some Really Good German Games in Germany", I rounded up some of Brisbane's most spendthrift gamers and made a big order from Magnus Spiele. The first box arrived on Friday so I carefully took photos so you could all share in the excitement.
As you can see, the box was wrapped in brown paper and sealed with wax, as well, so it was obvious customs / quarantine / drug lords hadn't opened it. Feeling like Howard Carter, I removed the outer layer of wrapping.

A perfectly preserved box! Wondering what treasures lay inside, I carefully cut the tape with the knife previously used on hundreds of IKEA flat packs.

Inside I found newspaper (German, I presume, though I didn't look) and plastic bags full of authentic German air. The very air that Einstein breathed! Hundreds of German air-borne viruses! If a butterfly's wings can cause a tornado, what disasters will result from this disruption of the natural order?
Nestled inside, the treasures themselves! Also, some German games catalogues and a Ticket to Ride Lite edition software CD. Should I play it myself or share it with the guys?
With trembling fingers I extracted the games themselves. Then I applied name stickers to each of them, while Scrabblette told me I was going to be late if I didn't have dinner the VERY INSTANT. I bet Howard Carter didn't get that.

Anyway, more news soon. Because the order was so big Magnus Spiele had to split it into two boxes. This is the small box.

BTW, the kid says "nothing happenin here. at shatoe manshion thing love u 2 bye!"

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Ozvortex said...

Cool! I love when a game order arrives in the mail, it's like a little Xmas. Thanks for posting this so we can all get a vicarious thrill. As one of the spendthrift gamers you mentioned I can't wait until box number 2 arrives. That'll be the one with my games (Burg Appenzel, Der Schwarze Pirat and Razzia!) in it.