Friday, September 07, 2007


Everyone in my address book has been invited to join Don't do it! It's a virus. I caught it from esteemed blogger Yehuda:

and there's more about it here:

P.S. I just had a thought. If you did give it your email account password, start emailing people NOW and telling them not to join up. That's what I should have done.


Maria said...

Uh-hum. You've been sending viruses around, Friendless?

I received your email but I ignored it - ok, I opened the email, but I didn't try to join. Are there any precautions I should be taking? And what's this about "if you gave it your account password, start emailing people?" Does that mean if smeone with my email address gives it their password, it goes around

a) spamming those people in its address book
or even worse
b) trying to infect those people in its address book?

What is it?

Friendless said...

Just (a). (b) only happens to stupid people. Like me.

Maria said...

I ignored your email and didn't touch it apart from opening it. No passwords given, no nothing. When I saw your thing I deleted it. Correct procedure?

Friendless said...

That's fine Maria. Next time, wear a condom as well, to be sure.

Maria said...

I tried rubber gloves, as I hit the delete button, but thanks for the tip.

I've also disinfected carefully and paid for a pest control survey. Anything else?

Ken Lee said...

Avast! I hope ye have been playing Piratey games, for this day is the International Talk Like A Pirate Day!

Maria said...

rkzhgixlIt was talk like a piate, not play like a pirate day.

Ummm, I think I was doing some legal interviewing tests, and some moot courts. Might have been funny.

"That you used a knife to assault an old lady was not but good enough, me lad, 'twas a cutlass you were needing - now rip out her heart a proper or you'll be walking the plank for your next punishment. Next rapscallion to the bar!"