Monday, September 03, 2007

The Gathering of Friendless

I'm behind in my blogging but I should mention that I've started my new game event, the Gathering of Friendless. For the inaugural meeting Scrabblette was keen to play and the kid was with his mum so we invited people who liked to play word games and their husbands. The attendees ended up being me, Scrabblette, CyberKev, Jane and Hubertus, and we didn't play any word games at all.

We started with TransAmerica which ended up as a tie between Scrabblette and me. Then we moved on to Bamboleo which ended up as a tie between CyberKev and me. Then we played China which ended up as a tie between CyberKev and me until CyberKev managed to find, scribbled in the margin of the appendix to the codicil of the coda of the amendment to the German edition of the rules that if there was a tie then he won because he'd played the fewest pieces. Pah!

Then it was time to go to sleep, and we all agreed we should do it again.


gerrod said...

Where's your "8 interesting things" post, dammit?!

Friendless said...

What, now people are following up on chain letters? Sorry dude, I only accept being tagged with a meme if it's one I would have done anyway.

Maria said...

My last gathering I bought Mr Coffee of Orange Juice Snobbery fame a new game, Balderdash, but we ended up playing Poker all night long!

We girls got rid of the guys early, but his sister won in the end. Goes to show drinking doesn't necessarily improve poker performance!

Will have to wait til next time to give the full blog report on how the new game goes.

The unfortunate thing was that the Poker pack was slightly marked - I could instantly tell which card was the king of Spades - hahaha! That's not good!