Saturday, January 01, 2011

The Numbers for 2010

It's that time of the year again, when I look back on the previous year's gaming and am dismayed by the number of new games I bought and did not play, and the games that I have and love and haven't been played for years. This is the fourth time I've done this, here are the previous articles for reference (mine, if not yours):

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I currently have 424 games in my collection. Last year I had 425, woohoo! I've acquired a few, so I must have got rid of some as well. Oh that's right, the RSPCA Store in New Farm got a couple of loads.

There are 424 games in this collection. The BGG average rating for this collection is 6.4.

Your average rating for this collection is 7.07.

On average you have played each of these games 7.11 times.

Your Friendless Metric is 1 (89 games played 10+ times, 46 games never played.)

Your Continuous Friendless Metric is 3.39 which corresponds to an average utilisation of 54.24%.

My average rating for my collection went up from 6.92 to 7.07, as a consequence of dumping stuff I didn't like. My CFM went from 53.41% utilisation to 54.24%, which is much harder than it sounds to achieve!

It seems 2010 was generally a year of consolidation, rather than accumulation, which is a nice change. Next I need to consolidate further to games that I actually play. This is a matter of some urgency, as the games no longer fit on the shelves in the game room.

I dropped to 493 plays last year, the lowest since I really got into the hobby. I have to admit, learning French has taken up a lot of that time, it's a very time-intensive pursuit. The amount of gaming I do at home has continued to decrease :-(. My goals for the new year are to continue down this path, with maybe even a decrease in the number of games I own. They seem to breed.

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