Monday, April 24, 2006

Back On-line

Well, at least one thing has turned out OK - I bought a new computer ($A330, pretty cheap) and put the old hard drives in it and it's working beautifully now. I have even re-run the augmented stats at and that worked fine. Took a lot of fiddling and remembering to get the screen configured to a sensible resolution but I'm happy with it now. I never liked that old computer anyway - too many heat problems!

In other news, the family situation is looking bleaker than ever. Looks like the kid will be back next weekend, but not the rest of the family. All I can say is, if you're having problems with your partner, go talk to them now and start getting it sorted out, before it's too late. What is happening to me is the worst feeling, you don't want it. Also, I played 96 games last month and it's only 32 so far this month, so it plays havoc with your gaming. Not to mention your best little game buddy...

I never meant this to be a personal blog, only a gaming blog, but as happens in Lord of the Rings, I have been overtaken by events. I hope that you'll bear with me while I sort out enough of my life to get back to some decent gaming. My gamer buddies who haven't known me very long (and some I've never even heard of before) have been there for me. It's nice to know that I have friends. Somewhere out there is a woman who loves the Gipf Project as much as I do, and I know we will be happy together.

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