Saturday, April 01, 2006

Yes, But Do You Care?

I have hacked my statistics program to automatically upload its results to the web. Look at this. If you'd like to be in the list, please let me know your BGG user name. There are heaps of features, and more every week as the obsession continues. I just can't stop playing with it.


mikey said...

I like it John, very interesting. The numer of plays thing not so good unless you're a little OCD though.

I guess I'll have to begin recording these facts.

BTW, I was also once a computer programmer, and have used every ounce of my skill to write a competitor program.

Sorry the link is in two parts, I can't use html here.

Ryan Walberg said...

That's really cool, John. I copied those queries (in a manner of speaking) into my DB to check 'em out. I don't use BGG for recording plays since I can't record opponents and that's what I'm usually interested in.

Good work!

Friendless said...

Mikey, I am intimidated by your 1337 H4><><>0R 5k1llZ! U pwn m3!

Call it OCD or whatever, I love the BGG plays stats for much the same reason I love cricket stats, I just don't know what that reason is. It would be nice if Aldie could add a comment field to each play, but he will do what he will do. At least with the plays stats when people ask "have you really played all those games?" I can tell them exactly which ones I have not. They don't argue much after that.

Boardgameplayer said...

John, I'd like to see my stats. If you'd add my user name, Cromaa, I'd really appreciate it. Thanks.

Friendless said...

Cromaa, it should be there soon.

Tim said...

Numbers!!!! Stats!!!!

Strat-O-Matic BGG!!!!

Please include BGG user revtim (me)

Friendless said...

No worries, it's on its way.

Tim said...


Fraser said...

Love these stats! Thanks very much for doing them.