Wednesday, April 26, 2006

BGG Support

"New Webserver Up! New Fileserver Up! BGG Bank Account Down!"

That's the news from Aldie over at boardgamegeek. As a programmer myself, I was stunned when I read that Aldie had quit his day job to run BGG full time. That's a giant leap into the unknown. If you're thinking of contributing to BGG, let me add my voice to the nagging one inside your head and encourage you to do it. I don't know anything about BGG finances, but Aldie is swapping his future income for your quality of service, so make a donation and make Mrs Aldie feel a bit more secure :-).

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Coldfoot said...

Dude, I tried to post a note of condolence on Friday, but at the time Blogger was not letting me. No great insights here, but I do hope it all works out.