Saturday, May 06, 2006

Back on the Air, Again

Sad day at my house... the kid's mum is moving out. The kid thinks it's a big adventure, but it's pretty traumatic for me. Luckily we mostly agree on what she should take. But it hurts. I have removed Girl's Night Out and Cranium from my collection at BGG. See, there's a bright side to everything. Also, all of the flowery shit / candles / relatives photos / crap has gone from every flat surface, so I can decorate the place in a way I like. Do you think it would be pretentious to leave a half played game of Through the Desert lying around to look beautiful? Hmmm.... Hamsterrolle has to go on display somewhere, and Settlers 10th Anniversary edition if it ever turns up. Any other suggestions?

I have also got my computer running again, after performing my very first motherboard transplant. Nothing can stop me now! Except that I hate messing with computer hardware. I will go now and run the extended stats for all the new people who were asking about them.

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