Wednesday, May 17, 2006

How Many Subscribers Do You Have?

I read blogs using bloglines, which is a pretty handy and free aggregating service. I just realised that when I look at the latest news for a blog it tells me how many people are subscribed to that blog using bloglines. I have 17 subscribers! Woohoo! I thought I might have that many readers total - bloglines of course does not know about people who just pop in to look every now and then.

Why do I care? Well I don't mind knowing who I'm talking to here. In theory, the whole world can read this, but I reckon I appeal to a niche audience :-). For comparison, Boardgame News has 83 subscribers and Gone Gaming has 91, Mike Doyle has 21.


ekted said...

There are only 17 subscriptions to my blog on BlogLines, but I have a huge number of hits on my counter. I think many people either use other feeds or simply have it bookmarked to check every so often.

jtakagi said...

I just use Safari's RSS Reader, which automatically notifies me of updates. I found it just a little simpler to use.

Ryan Walberg said...

I only have 9. :(

I just signed up for Google Analytics, so I'll see if I get in. I have no idea how many people actually read my blog.

matt said...

I only have 12.

Ryan, the coolest thing about analytics is the geo map overlay. Kinda neat to see where on the map your hits are coming from.

Other than that, it's not really too much help since it's geared towards click through rates, conversions for adword campaigns, etc.

sodaklady said...

I use a feature of Firefox (like Safari's) so my views won't register, either. It's easy to use but it doesn't notify me of new content, I have to check it like a bookmark. Is bloglines a better way to go?

Friendless said...

I have bloglines set up so that whenever I got to the bloglines page it tells me which blogs (of about 40 I subscribe to) have new messages. It is another page I have to remember to visit each day or so, but I wouldn't want to receive 80 updates by email anyway.