Saturday, May 06, 2006

My Game Shelf

With the recent removal of a truckload of junk from my house, there's a whole lot more room on the shelves for games. So I have moved many of them out of their plastic boxes and onto the shelves. I took a bit of a photo, but it's hard to get far enough back in the study. Also, there are still some in boxes, some in the car, some on shelves downstairs and some on shelves which didn't fit into the picture.


gerrod said...

Don't abuse the ignorant here, but why do you have 3 copies of Fische Fluppen Frikadellen? And, more to the point, what the?

Friendless said...

Fische Fluppen Frikadellen is German for "Fish, fags and hamburgers". It was designed by a guy called Friedemann Friese who has an F fetish. It has not been published in English. In the game, you trade fish, fags, hamburgers, booze, and fennel to obtain 3 fetishes. If you have enough players, you can organise it so that each fetish is for sale on only one board, so if you want to buy a different one you go to the harbour and catch a ferry to another board. That way players migrate around the tables. It's a pretty cool idea, and fun for big groups, but I found it hard work teaching the game to 9 people at a time.

Last time I bought a game that could play with multiple boards (Memoir '44) I didn't do so, and still regret that. I might yet get another copy. Anyway, I have resolved that if I'm going to get these sorts of games, I'm going to get the full experience.