Monday, May 29, 2006

Stirring the Poison Pot

Since my recent changes in circumstances I have been being particularly financially responsible, and not buying new games. On Friday, I fell off the wagon. I popped into Myer in the city (Brisbane) and they had 20% off all toys including games. So I grabbed Poison Pot, Megalith, Deluxe Scrabble and a stand for the Games Collection games. What would I have done with that money if I hadn't spent it on games? Well I would have saved it and spent it on games later.

So I went along to Book Realm on Friday night and played Poison Pot with Joe and Andrew. It takes 2 or 3 players, but seems to be equally good with each number. As we played, we figured out what a cunning little game it is. On each move you can try to set yourself up, or screw your opponent, but you don't really know what you're going to be able to do until you've moved a pot. So you need to make moves which are good for you no matter what colour pot you draw. I kicked butt in the first game, but Joe figured out that if he helped my group expand he could force it to expand into the Poison Pot, and so he attacked me by helping me. Very clever, but I fended him off in the end. In the third game I wasn't paying attention at the end and badly screwed up a move which gave the game to Joe. I like this game a lot, and it only cost $A24, and looks good on top of the wine rack.

In other news, in my new role as a single man I have been meeting a lot of single women. My advice to them, particularly the younger ones, is to learn to play board games. It's a male-dominated hobby where the males are on average pretty smart. What more could a girl want than a nice board gamer? Lost Cities, everyone? Actually miniatures war-gaming is even more male-dominated than board gaming, so if a lady knows the difference between a tyrannid and a mech she's hot property. I hope you guys appreciate my efforts to promote the hobby...

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