Saturday, August 12, 2006

And We're Back!

BGG being down has resulted in many hits on my blog (woohoo!) and a few people being added to the augmented stats list. However the games played logged at BGG have not come back cleanly, so to run the stats now would produce wrong data. If Aldie has somehow managed to lose that data :-( I have a copy of it for all of my existing users :-). When Aldie gets some sleep and makes a pronouncement on the matter I'll decide what to do next.


Ryan Walberg said...

I think the games played totals per user are cached in their rating record because I can see my totals in my collection page, but my actual games played data is 100% empty!

In any case, I record my plays into an Access DB I created that automatically updates BGG, so I've lost nothing.

I still appreciate your stats and I can't wait for everything to be fixed!

ricmadeira said...

I'm sure Aldie will get everything back... he always does! :)

Let's just wait until he has rested for a bit and go back to working on the problem.

Friendless said...

OK, I have re-run the program with all new users and current data. If I forgot to add you, please let me know.

Marc said...

Thanks, John. So, I need to play Age of Steam, eh? I agree wholeheartedly!