Thursday, August 17, 2006

Le Shipment

Milsims had an insane sale last week or the week before or sometime... as far as we could tell all French games were being disposed of as cheap as possible. I bought China Moon (Faidutti), Dogville, Evo and Saga for a total cost of $A69. Bargain! We played China Moon at Cyberkev's all-day gaming extravaganza, and it's quite a decent game. With 5 players it was pretty chaotic, but what do you expect from Bruno? We followed it up with a couple of games of Democrazy which turns out to be not as bad as I feared, and indeed crazy as M. Faidutti promised. Anyway, now that I own Dogville I am the proud owner of multicoloured dog piddle tokens. Gotta be happy about that, huh? I might see if I can get it played at Critical Mass tomorrow night so I can get some experience before I introduce it to the niece and nephew.

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Matthew Wills said...

Most of their Eurogames/Descartes stuff was priced to go. I got Democrazy, Tony and Tino, Vinci, Condotierre and Vampire (Ravesnburger) for about $76 AUD.