Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Got A Life

I recently had an unsavoury exchange on BoardGameGeek where I objected to one poster's comment that other posters in the thread should "get a life". It was a thread about an aspect of gaming, where many people jumped in with an opinion. The comment I objected to was a particularly patronising one suggesting that other posters should do something like "open the door and step outside and get a taste of what the big wide world has to offer", or something like that. I object very strongly to that sort of comment. I've had two marriages, one child, travelled to dangerous places, my mother has a terminal disease, I'm in love and confused; and if I feel like arguing minutiae of board games, I'll damn well do so. I don't care who you are, I've got a life, every poster on BoardGameGeek has a life that they are leading to the best of their ability, and it's the height of arrogance to assume that because someone wants to discuss small details that they are somehow lacking in other aspects of their lives.

Of course I chose not go into such detail in my reply on the thread, merely pointing out that this was actually a geek website, and that being polite wouldn't go astray. I received email from the "lifer" saying that he'd been on BGG longer than I had (ooh, and his dad could beat my dad up!) and knew what was appropriate. So I told him to get a life :-). Then he called me assorted names which I didn't read very closely and didn't distress me. I know what sort of person he is now. He goes on the list of arseholes to ignore on BGG. I don't see him posting very much, which I guess is lucky for all of us.

Anyway, that's something that Pisses Me Off. We've all got lives, we choose to play board games in them. I don't think for a second that my life is better than anyone else's - I don't know what other people do when they're not posting on BGG, I don't know what motivates and distresses and excites them. We come together to discuss board games, not to play at one-upmanship. We've got lives.


ekted said...


Iain said...

I have asked for a way to ignore certain users on the Geek for a long time, but it never happened.

It is almost worth learning Javascript so I can knock something up in Greasemonkey.

Coldfoot said...

Don't leave us hanging.

Now I'm gonna have to scour your posts to find the thread in question, and that could take a couple hours. That's a couple hours I could spend gaming.

Coldfoot said...

Never mind. Found it.

Just wanted to be sure I wasn't the a-hole in question. I try to be.

Iain said...

I had a look and it turns out that I have met the guy in question. It was only once, but he was very nice. I'm surprised you guys have fallen out so badly.
I am sure it was just you not being able to see each other's facial expressions when you wrote.
His initial comment could be construed as being very rude, but he did put a smilie :) after it, which puts it in a different light.

Friendless said...

It turns out the gentleman in question reads this blog and sent me a conciliatory message. I think we probably just misinterpreted each other in a fairly nasty way because he does seem OK. Anyway, whether my posting was inspired by a particular incident or not, I stand by my point that no matter how geeky people are, they still have a life.