Sunday, March 05, 2006

The Elsom Horror

The kid and I are halfway through a game of The Arkham Horror. Suddenly today my niece and nephew turn up to visit for the afternoon - their surname is Elsom. My nephew is 5 years old, interested in games, and can't sit still. It's rainy outside and the ground is soggy, so they'll be staying inside. Arkham Horror has 20 decks of cards, 15 piles of chits, and we have 4 character cards and the GOO all covered in chits. What are my chances of finishing the game? If only Lovecraft was here to record this, he could write the scariest story you've ever read.


Justin Walduck said...

What is Arkham Horror like?

I was with a particular group of friends on the weekend and played Apples to Apples and Betrayal at House on the Hill. This is a group who is extremely creative, into role playing and theatre. Their choice of games supported this. They would not be so keen on drier strategic games I suspect.

Is there a stronge role playing element to Arkham Horror?

Friendless said...

I wouldn't call it role playing, because if you try to act like your character rather than concentrate on what has to be done, you'll get massacred. OTOH, if you're good at acting terrified, there's an opportunity there for you. I'll write up a better description above.

BTW, I am going to take Betrayal to Book Realm this week. I reckon they'll love it.