Monday, March 27, 2006

Saturday Morning Shopping

It was pay day sometime last week, so I had an appointment with the FLGS. I decided to make it Saturday morning so I could take the kid along. As the FLGS is in a pretty nice suburb (Paddington), we even took Mum with us.

Well, maybe I got a little bit excited, but I had been waiting a long time for Zertz. And I needed a copy of Blokus Duo during the month and didn't have one. And the kid has decided he likes Carcassonne now. And Reiner Knizia's Poison has been sitting there waiting for me to buy it for *so* long, and it's prettty cheap. We had to quickly leave the game store while I still had some money left.

We evacuated to the coffee shop across the road because we were all hungry and Mum likes coffee. This is not a blog about coffee shops so I will spare you the details, but I was sitting there opening the games and noticed a HORRIBLE ERROR. In the Carcassonne box, there were no yellow meeples! I always play yellow, so that was a disaster. I thought maybe they had changed the colours or something, but I checked the rules and realised that there had indeed been a mistake, and only the yellow meeples were missing. So I took it back across the road to the shop and got another copy with the correct meeples. How can I make funny photos without all the right meeples?

The bill for the coffee shop came to $40, which is as much as I'd spent on Carcassonne or nearly Zertz, so I didn't feel so bad about spending money on games.

Then we headed off to another games store which I don't often get to, mostly because Mum likes the factory outlets nearby. The kid and I had a look at their really quite large range, and I told him he could have one. He chose Star Munchkin. Plugh. Despite the large range of games (Entdecker, they had Entdecker!) I can't really get excited by this store. They're just there to sell things, which is fine for normal people but not for obsessed fanatics like me.

On the other hand, the people at Presents of Mind told me they are thinking of starting a games night at their store. YEAH BABY! I expect they would include the GIPF Project games in what they want to play, and I'm very interested in meeting more opponents for those. I'm hoping that when they get it going they advertise on the Settlers of Brisbane mailing list.

I also managed to find a couple of small plastic boxes - one for Memoir '44 and the expansions (and C&C: Ancients lives in there too now), and another for carrying a small number of games to a games night - I didn't previously have a small one with a lid. The essential requirement for such a box is that it be able to carry Domaine and a couple of other games, as I have many popular games in the same sized box as Domaine. I look forward to not lugging the bigger boxes around so much.

So when we got home with all this loot, I went back to putting stickers on C&C:A blocks. No rest for the wicked.


Ozvortex said...

Just out of interest, what was the 'other' store? The one near the factory outlets?

Ozvortex said...

BTW, lucky you opened Carcassonne while you were near the store. What a pain it would've been to get all the way home only to discover the missing pieces.

Friendless said...

The other store was Mind Games at Stones Corner. I rarely get to Stones Corner, so they're not an important store to me. If I'd gotten Carcassonne home I might have written to Rio to ask for yellow meeples or something, I expect they would have helped me.